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A Glance at Our Remarkable Performances


Shree Sagar Stevedores set the benchmark of highest quality stevedoring service while dealing with distressed vessel M.V. Saturn II which was stuck in shallow waters while navigating towards D.H.I.L jetty at Dahej in June, 2002. After being refloated by a salvage company in August, 2002, the said vessel arrived at Bhavnagar Anchorage in September, 2002. It carried 63897 MT of steam coal along with appx. 20000 MT of sea water due to extensively damaged hull.

M.V. Saturn II arrived with failed generators, no power, broken cranes, and non-functioning grabs. The biggest challenge was to unload the vessel midstream. However Shree Sagar Stevedores practically over-took the vessel and discharged it completely after over-coming series of legal and operational battles. The unloading process commenced on 15th November, 2002 and was completed on 2nd January 2003.

We can proudly proclaim that Shree Sagar Stevedores Pvt. Ltd. undertook the project which every other company was resisting and by discharging Saturn II completely and safely, provided the service at par with any International Salvage or Cargo Underwriter company. [ Photographs can be seen photo gallery ]


Magdalla Port, Surat was facing siltation problem severely affecting discharge rate and was on verge of closing down in September, 2005. We, at Shree Sagar Stevedores, undertook the epic task and on our own risk made another channel operational.

After string of negotiations with local fishermen and relevant authorities, new channel was opened for barge navigation and we can proudly say that it became possible only due to our committed efforts.

Magdalla once again is a thriving port now and we have achieved the highest rate of discharge at 21832 MT in a day which earlier never crossed the mark of 9000 MT per day by single stevedore. Even the annual discharge rate has exceeded all expectation and has doubled in volume to 2 million tonnes per working season. In this process we have opened avenues for all the fraternity members and GMB as well for additional revenues.